Ships Departing Port Nelson Today


It’s a varied day for departures today with container vessels, a dredge, a naval ship, a fruit ship and a fishing vessel all departing today.

At 6am the Jeppesen Maersk container vessel will be departing the Main Wharf South carrying containers to Wellington followed by the Messina Strait fruit vessel at 6.30pm. She will be departing the McGlashen Quay South carrying containers to Antwerpen, Belgium.

At 8.00pm The Spirit of Canterbury container vessel will be departing the Brunt Q carrying containers to Tauranga and at 11.59pm The Amaltal Mariner local fishing vessel will be departing Amatal Fisheries.

Also at 11.59 the Sea Watch dredge will be departing the Slipway Jetty after laying up for a while.

The HMNZS Hawea Naval Ship will be departing the Super Yacht Berth today after the Navy’s attempts at finding missing tourist, Ken Boogers in Golden Bay.