Search for Dutch tourist suspended


The search for 26 year old Dutch tourist Ken Boogers has been suspended after four days of searching and no sign of him.

The search has officially gone into “continuous limited search mode” which means no official search teams will be put into the field until new information comes to light to direct a search.

Search coordinator Sergeant Michael Fitzsimons said the area of interest had been extensively searched over the past week and all available assets, including dogs, helicopters and the Navy hand been utilised. There has been no confirmed sign of Mr Boogers since he was seen about midday last Saturday.

Despite the official search being on hold, today Mr Boogers’ parents and members of the Golden Bay community, along with local Police, will be back searching again today for some trace of the missing man.

Sergeant Fitzsimons said Police were extremely grateful for the time and effort put in over the past week by a large team of search and rescue volunteers.

He said the Golden Bay community had also rallied around Mr Bogers’ parents and they had received some generous offers of assistance.