Staff at McCashin's Brewery bottling Rochdale Cider.

Nelson cider wins supreme award


Nelson Brewery, McCashin’s, has taken away a supreme cider award in Ireland.

The Stoke brewery’s Sugar-Free Three Berry Cider’s was one of six McCashin’s Brewery products to gain recognition at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in Ireland.

The brewery also took out silver awards for their Stoke brand bohemian ale, oatmeal stout and Stoke dark as well as their ginger lime cider and a bronze award for their pear Cider.

Market representative Scott McCashin said the Supreme Award was a tremendous accolade in a country which produces a lot of cider.

“The Three Berry Cider came out of a lot of trials. It was made using a blend of local boysenberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. Finding the right balance was a challenge.”

Judging was headed by Dr Inge Russell who edits the Journal of the Institute of Brewing.

Dr Russell says this is the first year the Cup has featured a Supreme Cider Award and the winners have received high accolades for their efforts.

Rochdale cider was started in the 1930s and was the only cidery still operating in New Zealand by the late 1970s. Rochdale was discontinued in 1999 but was restarted in 2009 by second generation McCashin brewers.