Marchfest business enlists budding student


NMIT Creative Industries students are being enlisted to help with a new business being launches at Marchfest this year.

League of Brewers is a new company started by Mike Stringer and Eduard Briem. They produce a range of products and services for home brewers.

With a need to brand themselves and a short space of time to do so they asked their friend Klaasz Breukel, a graphic design teacher at NMIT for advice. The suggestion, the students do it for them.

“We knew it was going to be very challenging with the time-frames we had and also our business of brewing which was an area the students weren’t really familiar with – however we were very keen to work with a local designer and realised this would be a great experience for us and the NMIT students.”

Briefs were supplied to the students and a question and answer session was held. They were given just one week to come up with brand ideas which were then presented to League of Brewers.

“The level of interest and enthusiasm was very positive and the ideas were very strong,” says Mike.  “We were very impressed with the range of ideas and selecting a final winner was definitely not easy. However eventually we settled on the designs put forward by Jessica Harrison. Her suggestions hit the brief exactly, and it was immediately clear that she had put in a lot of time and produced something highly original, professional, and consistent with what we both wanted to represent our business.”

After slight tweaks  Jessica now has her design printed onto t-shirts to be sold at Marchfest.  She received free tickets to the event and printed merchandise for her portfolio.

She may also have an opportunity for further paid work.

The final year bachelor of Arts and Media student says the project was a great experience.

“I really embraced the opportunity to work with clients on a real brief to enhance my design and communication skills. I start my projects with hours of research, then sketching, analysing and refining. The final inspiration for this design to represent the League came from the idea of humanising the mash-paddle, which is a unique piece of equipment for the craft of brewing beer.”

Tutor Klaas Breukel says he likes to give real-world projects to the students whenever possible.

“Projects like these are great because they offer students the experience of working with a real brief, with real clients and to a fixed deadline. It gives students the opportunity to discover if a career in graphic design appeals to them and it’s all part of our commitment to delivering education in a very hands-on, practical way.”