Male won’t seek Grey Power presidency


Former Grey Power Nelson president Neville Male says he will not contest the presidency at the organisation’s AGM on April 1.

Neville was ousted from the group earlier this year after the management committee declared it could no longer work with him after he lost the support of its volunteers. He was later expelled from the organisation altogether after a dislplincary hearing, chaired by national federation committee member Mac Welch.

However, Neville would not accept the dismissal and continued to claim that he still headed the 9000-member strong group. That was despite the national federation stepping in and saying he was no longer associated with Grey Power at any level and issued a cease and desist notice for him to stop using its name or logo.

Two special meetings called by Neville voted overwhelmingly to support him, although many of his opponents were not present.

In a press release issued today, Neville said he will not stand for re-elction but is supporting many candidates who are putting their names forward for executive positions.

“It appears that a number of members are totally confused about the purpose of the AGM and in the circumstances [I do] not want the ‘unfortunate infighting’ of the past three months to derail the AGM process where members will have the opportunity to vote for a new president and a new committee,” the statement said.

National Grey Power president Terry King said Neville could not have sought the presidency anyway as he was no longer a member.

Neville’s press statement said the list of nominees would include “progressive” people and would be released by the end of this week.

The AGM will be held at Annesbrook Church in Stoke on April 1 at 10.30am. To vote members need to make sure their membership is renewed, as it expires on March 31.