FC Nelson look to take on Falcons


The championship-winning Nelson Marlborough Falcons football team could fold if talks with FC Nelson don’t pan out, says chair of the board behind the team Aldo Miccio.

Aldo says the current board behind the team will not bid for a licence after their current licence expires for the 2017 season and he’d like to see a club take over to make sure the team remains sustainable.

The Falcons had a mixed 2014. On the field it won the national title, an incredible achievement. But off the pitch the lack of a major sponsor and dwindling board meant the organising of the team was done by fewer people and the board is still paying off last year’s entry fee.

Aldo says the team should be in a club structure, where it will have access to more volunteers and supporters. He says the Falcons are about to enter formal discussions with FC Nelson. “After last season we realised that everyone has done their bit, we had run the franchise for two years and needed it to go to a club. We’ve had board members there from the start and if you look at any board you need rotation.”

FC Nelson president George Molnar says the club’s focus remains on development of youth players and the Falcons fit into that. “We think this is fantastic for our club and for the Nelson region.”

Asked about the financials, a problem that has hampered the Falcons over the past season, George says they will look closely at it. “We wouldn’t be sitting down talking to them if we didn’t think we could make it work.”