Drunk driver caught on way to pick up child


A Nelson driver, nearly four times over the limit, was stopped by police at a checkpoint while on their way to pick up their child from a rural school.

The driver returned a breath alcohol level of 973mcg. The current limit for drivers over 20 is 250mcg with the previous limit being 400mcg.

A total of 10 drink drivers were stopped by Nelson Bays Police over the last week and senior sergeant Grant Andrews says seven of those drivers were caught with breath alcohol levels in excess of the old limit. Only three were detected in the new 250 to 400 mic range.

Another driver stopped on Rocks Road recorded 978mcg.

Senior Sergeant Andrews said he was concerned that the old limit was being exceeded considering the attention around the change.

“We had anticipated an increase in drivers being detected in the lower range. What we’ve seen is that the majority of drivers have modified their behaviour to stay below the new lower limit while a group in our community are continuing to flout even the old law. That’s a real concern for all road users.”

He said with the Easter break coming up Police planned to have a significant presence on the region’s roads.

“Our message is simple – if you’re driving don’t drink and if you’re drinking don’t drive.”