Dogs take a dip at Nayland Pool


Dogs in a public pool may sound like a strange idea, but our furry four-legged friends were loving their wet day out last Saturday.

Nayland Pools opened its gates for Dogs’ Splash for the first time on the weekend, an event that has become popular at other outdoor pools around New Zealand.

The event was put on at no charge to dog owners and ran as part of the pool’s Nelson summer programme.

More than 45 dogs took to the water, including Wendy and Dick Thomas’ dog Max.
They say it was a great opportunity for some safe fun and exercise.

Max is a true water dog, they say, but swimming in the ocean isn’t an option as his tendency to just keep on going means he could drown.

Wendy says as soon as they saw the event advertised they were excited to bring Max along, his only chance to get his paws wet besides the odd swim in their pool at home.

After such a positive turn-out of owners and their dogs, it is hoped that Dogs’ Splash could become a annual event.