Blue Cod fishing up for discussion in Nelson


The future of blue cod fishing in the Marlborough Sounds is up for review in Nelson today and some local fishermen want to see a change to the current rules.

A public information session is being held today at the Rutherford Hotel to discuss blue cod fishing in the sounds. With information from NIWA showing the stocks of blue cod are as low now as they were in 2007.

The major point of discussion will be the current “slot rule” which means they can only keep fish between 30cm and 35cm – no bigger or smaller.

Local fisherman Hugh Shields says the system needs to change and this afternoon is the opportunity for people to have their say. “Upper management of the Ministry for Primary Industries want to continue the slot rule experiment for another term, perhaps in a re-calibrated size. There are also members of the Blue Cod Management Group who support rolling-over the slot rule for another term.

“Basically we need to defeat the slot rule before it gets put forward as a recommendation in the public discussion paper at the end of March – April,” he says.

Today’s meeting at the Rutherford Hotel starts at 4pm and runs until 9pm.

Another meeting is scheduled to take place in Picton tomorrow.