Blocked sewer causes impromptu ban


A sewerage discharge into Nelson Haven prompted CCTV checks of sewerage lines in the area and an unnecessary swimming ban.

Over the weekend a 150mm sewer pipe became blocked along Wakefield Quay opposite The Cut. The sewerage flowed into a nearby sump and discharged to sea. Approximately two to three cubic meters of sewerage was discharged into the high tide.

Nelmac drainage crew attended, but were unable to clear the blockage with rods. A water blaster was used to clear the sewerage.

A CCTV check of the line will take place in order to identify any specific faults that contributed to the blockage.

As the flow of sewerage was slow and the tide was high The overall effect was fairly minor.

A council spokesperson says Nelmac staff took precautionary measures to install signage owing to a swim ban over the weekend. This did not follow the council recommended process.

DBH public health officers have since been advised of the situation and the ban was removed after a tidal cycle.