Male supporters put forward candidates


Supporters of former Grey Power Nelson president Neville Male have put forward a list of candidates to contest the group’s upcoming AGM on April 1.

The “progressive team” will not put forward a nomination for president “out of respect” of Neville but has nominated eight people for the management committee, and one each for the treasurer, secretary and vice president.

Earlier this week Neville announced he would not stand for the position of president after the existing management committee expelled him from the organisation earlier this year.

The nominees for executive positions are:
Malcolm Saunders for vice president, Garry Thompson for secretary, Eileen Wilkin for treasurer.

For the management committee, the nominees are: Peter Johnston, Rosaline McCarthy, Hugh Neil, Ron Oates, Meryl-Lynn Pluck, Hilary Upton, Reginald Upton and John Walker.