Scouts enjoy annual camp


The lack of a campfire didn’t hinder the scouting spirit as scouts from around the region attended their annual Founders Day camp last weekend.

Due to the hot weather a fire was a no-go but scouts enjoyed a range of activities including abseiling, shooting, bashing apart an old car and kayaking.

301 people attended the event with all scouting sections as well as brownies and guides enjoying the experience.

Zone scout section leader, Michelle Rooney, says planning for this year’s camp began straight after the last years and they try to make improvements each year.

She says the camp celebrates the birthday of scouting founder Robert Baden Powell who shares his February 22 birthday with his wife, Olave, who was heavily involved in the guide movement.

Michelle says scouting is just as relevant today as it was when it started in 1907.

“It still teaches kids things like leadership skills and teamwork. I think you notice it with kids that have gone through scouting, They have a different approach to life. They’re easier to talk to, they know how to communicate with people, they don’t seem to get into trouble as much.”

She says the fundamental principals are still there but the movement has modernised and become very open.

“It probably had a bit of a christian outlook when it started, now it’s pretty non-denominational.”

The 480 strong zone has been steadily growing with two cub packs and two kea clubs starting in the last year. Michelle says the only struggle they have is finding enough leaders.

“We’d love to have more leaders, it’s a lot of fun. There’s opportunities for leaders as well, it’s really quite rewarding when you see kids grow”

She says anybody wanting to join can find a local group by calling 0800 SCOUTS