Nelson Mayor backs regional approach to water management


MP Nick Smith has requested that the Nelson City Council cease the use of the Roading dam for the city’s water supply.

“The problem is that the Roding flows into the Lee, then the Wairau and the Waimea system, and every litre taken is a litre less that can be used for maintaining our horticultural industries on the Waimea Plains,” Dr Smith says.

He says the Maitai dam, which is near full capacity, would be a better option for the council as it does not affect users in the Waimea area.

Nelson Mayor, Rachel Reese says she is unaware of any formal requests to stop using the dam and currently the city is being supplied solely from the Maitai dam, not the Roading.

She says she supports a regional approach to water management between both councils.

“Primary industry users in the Waimea Plains are major contributors to the wider region’s economy, and so we are always open to discuss ways that we can help, especially when water supplies are running low”.

Normally water is sourced from both the Maitai and Roding catchments. The water take varies between these catchments depending on water flow and levels.

The Tasman district is currently facing stage 1 water restrictions.