Hit on the head by golf ball, told to toughen up


Trevor Timpson has spent the better part of 40 years whacking golf balls for fun, this summer one got some revenge.

Trevor, a committee member of the Golden Downs Golf Club, was playing in the club’s annual New Year tournament alongside three other players, including his brother Kevin.

As the foursome were waiting at the ninth tee, Trevor heard a cry of “four” coming from the first tee – the cry is code for “the ball is coming your way, watch out”. He turned to see a man pointing in his direction so Trevor, not seeing the ball, simply dipped his head as he had countless times before.

Then, whack.

The 55 year old was hit on the top of his head by the ball. He dropped to his knees, concussed.

He says the next thing he remembers is waking up with his eyes and breath flickering, and finally, when he realised what had happened, he looked up to see his brother looking down on him with his hands on his hips and shaking his head.

The dazed Trevor then heard his brother say “I can’t believe it knocked you out, I thought you were tougher than that”.

The man who hit the ball came rushing over to offer his sincere apologies which Trevor quickly accepted, but it did take some time to stop the bleeding from the cut the ball made.

“They were pouring water over my head,” says Trevor. “So the blood went all over my t-shirt. It looked worse than it was but it was quite funny when I got up to say a speech at the end of the tournament. I said ‘welcome to our friendly club’ while still wearing my blood-soaked shirt. It got a couple of laughs.”

Trevor said he went to the hospital only after the tournament and was given the all clear.

He was back playing golf at his beloved Golden Downs course the following week.