Preparing for the Outdoor Theatre this week are actors from left; Lisa Allan, Damien Mcgrath, Roger Sanders and Isaac Thomas. Photo: Jacob Chandler.

Outdoor theatre takes on steam punk


An alternate steampunk reality is set to come to town, with the outdoor summer theatre season starting this Friday.

The Body and Space Theatre Company will be performing an adaption of the Jules Verne classic, Around the World in 80 Days, at Fairfield House and Washbourn Gardens.

Actor Roger Sanders says the play is a high-energy comedy and the cast have to play a lot of different characters. “The trick is to have lots and lots of roles that have to be performed by a small number of people. So you have 29 parts but you only have four actors.”

Director Daniel Allan says due to having so many characters to play they have a lot of costume changes and the set is made up of a combination of suitcases and positioning of the actors bodies. Around the World in 80 Days will show at Fairfield House from Jan 23-30 and at Washbourn Gardens on Jan 31 and Feb 1. All shows start at 6.30pm and a donation of between $5 and $10 is recommended.