Claudia Hagerty and Jess Moser take advantage of the sunscreen put up on the cathedral steps over summer by the Cancer Society. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Free sun block for city visitors


A trial of free sunblock on Nelson’s Cathedral steps has proved so popular the Cancer Society is considering finding even more places to put it next summer.

In late October, the Cancer Society, with help from NZME, decided to donate a large bottle of sunscreen to the public, which is now located part way up the cathedral steps on a lamp post, and have since kept it topped up and on hand for anyone who needs it.

So far the concept has been popular, with the bottle being refilled regularly. Cancer Society manager Linda Lucre  says it could spread.

“We know there are lots of other areas it could go as well, but we will review it the end of the period [in March] and think about whether and where we will put them up next summer, as it needs council approval.”