Laura Irish.

Just $7K away from new film industry


The creators of a Nelson-based sit-com are just $7500 away from kick starting a “TV and film industry” in the top of the south.

B-Rabbit is based on the story of Laura Irish, who immigrated to Nelson from the United States. The show is based on her journey to Nelson and the unexpected arrival of her “very, very eccentric” brother, and her attempts to integrate him into her new life.

Laura – who is the co-writer and producer as well as lead actor in the show – says they are hoping to raise $20,000 from fundraising website, Kickstarter, by this Sunday. So far they have had more than $12,000 donated and, if they can reach their goal, filming for the pilot will start just two days later. “We need to reach the $20,000 to be able to do it. We’re looking for the community to get behind us. If we create this pilot and it gets picked up, then we will have the money to make the rest of the episodes.”

Co-producer, Steve Wilson, says if the series gets the go-ahead it will create an entire industry for the region. “There have been no shows filmed in Nelson, other than Highway Cops, and there’s more to Nelson than drunk drivers – a lot more.”

Once the pilot is filmed it will be pitched to various television stations, and that would mean a big spin off for Nelson, says Laura. “Nelson is a beautiful place but it has its own quirks as well, so we’re hoping that Nelson can be its own character in the show.”

The idea for the show began after Laura started telling stories of her brother to her new friends in Nelson. People would roar with laughter and encourage her to tell more. Then, when her friend from the United States who knew her brother, moved to town, they got talking about how great a show based on her brother would be.  She says her brother has done many crazy things, including organising his own wedding – without a bride. “He booked the church, booked the band, but had no girl. These things just keep happening. It’s constant; he lives in this alternate universe.”

To donate, visit and search “B-Rabbit”.