Woman fuming after dresses stolen from clothes line


Police are investigating complaints from several Stoke residents after they had items stolen from their clothes line over the weekend.

Stoke woman Hazel Trethowen was on the verge of tears after she had two dresses, a running jacket, underwear and some tops stolen from her clothes line on Saturday.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning that she noticed the gaps on her line, and contacted the Police on Monday to report the stolen clothes.

“Not everything had been taken though, just the good stuff,” says Hazel. “I nearly cried. I had tears in my eyes because it’s one of my favourite dresses, I got it with Christmas money from my grandparents last year and I’ve probably worn it about four times, because it’s quite a special dress. I really love it and I can’t afford to replace it,” she says.

Her neighbours also suffered thefts from their washing lines, one of them now missing a pair of Levi jeans, some towels and  work boots.

Hazel’s property in Stoke has never been targeted before but she has been through a washing line raid at her previous residence in Atawhai. “I’m really gutted; I thought it was a really safe little street. Matangi St is a dead end street, so for someone to come down it they have to be coming down for a purpose, it’s malicious.”

Police say because her property was fenced, the crime is classed as burglary as opposed to theft and it is possible finger prints could be taken from where the suspect climbed over.

Hazel has already put posts up on Facebook and other websites to help find her clothes, and has talked to second-hand stores in case the thief attempts to sell them on.