The Swedish Bakery’s Karolina Hedlund with the fusion loaf that the bakery invented last week. Photo: Andrew Board.

White and brown bread in one loaf


The Swedish Bakery may have just solved the long-running dilemma over whether to get white or brown bread – with a two-in-one loaf.

The bakery’s owners were talking about how some customers battle to decide which loaf to buy, so they’ve taken the hassle out of it with what they think could be a world first, a loaf that’s half white and half brown bread.

Owner Bronwyn Eriksson says the loaf was discussed in the bakery and was originally talked about for people to have the white bread for breakfast and the rye bread for lunch. “We started to think about how our customers wanted different breads at different times of the day, and it went from there.”

But she admits there are a lot of her customers where the household is split, with some preferring white and some brown, and this loaf can solve that too.

Bronwyn says they’ve done some research to see if anything like it has been done elsewhere, she says they can’t find it anywhere. “We may have created a world-first here in Nelson,” she says.

She says the trick was finding two breads that had matching baking and rising times. They chose a Levain bread, the white half is a wild yeast sourdough and the brown half is a rustique loaf which is 70 per cent rye.

The fusion loaf is available every Tuesday at The Swedish Bakery.


  1. In Canada in the 1960s we had bread that was half white and half brown. Time for NZ to quit claiming to have invented everything.