Hampden St School student Nina Condo, 10, getting ready to do the “Nelson” today with some of her fellow students. Photo: Andrew Board.

Nelsonians do the ‘Nelson’


Today is 111 days until Nelson hosts its first Cricket World Cup game and to celebrate, Nelsonians will be doing the “Nelson”.

The “Nelson” involves getting one or both feet off the ground to ward off bad luck on scores of 111.

Some players believe bad things will happen on that score. It may be considered unlucky because the number resembles a wicket without bails. Standing or one leg, or if you’re sitting down, keeping both feet off the ground is supposed to prevent disaster until the score changes.

So organisers of Nelson’s world cup games have decided to use the tradition to help build excitement. Today, the mayor will be doing the “Nelson” at Civic House as will students from various local schools.

There will be plenty of other opportunities for locals to take part in this odd tradition, not only at the games but all the other activities that are planned for the Festival of Cricket that will be surrounding the matches.

The Festival of Cricket starts on February 14, when New Zealand and Sri Lanka play the opening game in Christchurch. It will include a giant Nelson 111 Street Party, featuring a market day, local wine, beer and food, and a big screen to watch the opening game.

The first game to be played at Saxton Oval is between the West Indies and Ireland on March 5