The boat that washed up on the southern tip of Nelson Airport last week.

Boats lost after heavy wind


Two boats were hit so hard by a wind in Nelson last week that they were blown from their moorings.

One boat owner says his 3.4 metre smartwave dinghy is “probably on its way to Fairwell Spit”. While authorities are on the hunt for the owner of another boat that washed up near Nelson Airport.

Nelson harbour master Dave Duncan says that he received a call from the owner of the dinghy on Monday to say it was missing after it was blown free from its mooring.

It had a 15 horsepower motor on the back and Dave says they can’t do much “unless it washes up somewhere”.

The second boat was moored near Monaco when it broke free and washed up on the southern tip of Nelson Airport.

Dave says they are on the hunt for the owner so he can move it.

“If it had been a danger to navigation I would have removed it immediately but it’s sitting quite high on the bank.”

He says boat owners need to make sure their ropes and chains are checked regularly. “Mooring, anchoring, beaching a vessel is often a safe and secure way to look after your boat, and allows access to the vessel and shore by dinghy. However, if mooring lines are not checked and replaced, mooring blocks are neglected and the chain and anchor not monitored, the vessel can break away or drift ashore with disastrous results. If the vessel then hits other vessels there can be even more costs.”

Dave says if the owner doesn’t come forward within 30 days, the boat will be classified as an abandoned wreck and it will be sold to cover the costs of salvaging it.

To get in touch with Dave about the boat email [email protected].