Creators of the eco-friendly Happbee Wrap, Jo Brown and Linda Hansen. Photo: Jessie Johnston.

Teachers develop eco-friendly food wrap


Two Nelson early childhood teachers, Jo Brown and Linda Hansen, are doing their bit to help the environment by developing and marketing a new eco-friendly food wrapper made of cotton and beeswax.

Jo and Linda officially launched the wrapper, which they have named Happbee Wrap, at the Richmond market held at the A & P Showgrounds last Saturday. The pair have formed a small business making handcrafted, eco-friendly  items and they are hoping Happbee Wrap will provide a green alternative to plastic food wraps.

“We have enjoyed making things for a long time now and used to joke about starting a business to sell these things, and now we have done it,” Jo says. “Linda saw the idea of a cotton food wrap and we thought it had lots of potential for it for our business. We know quite a few schools and kindergartens already discourage plastic wraps in the children’s lunches so there was an opportunity for us to make something like this. We hope our wrap will become a product that will be used by the wider community to help protect our environment.”

Jo says the name Happbee Wrap is pronounced happy wrap “as opposed to Glad Wrap, or Sad Wrap as some people call it”.

The wrap is made from cotton fabric infused with beeswax they obtained from Jo’s son-in-law Nick Milne, who is a beekeeper. It is washable in cool, soapy water.