Mike Corkill.

Charity bucket stolen from Mike


A Nelson man raising money for life-saving surgery has had a donation bucket stolen.

Mike Corkill received a phone call last Wednesday to say an empty bucket with a photo of his family on the front had been found outside McDonald’s on Richmond’s Queen St.

Mike got on the phone to some of the businesses that have a donation bucket on their counters and it was found to have been stolen from Action Indoor Sports, not far from where the bucket was found.

Mike – whose campaign to raise money was dubbed Dad’s New Lungs by his six children – says he was “gutted” by the theft.

“It’s a blow. I knew there were scum bags out there but I didn’t think anyone would stoop that low.”

It’s unknown how much money was in the bucket, but a staff member at Action told Mike she felt it just days before it was stolen and described it as “quite weighty”.

Staff from Action Indoor Sports are going through security footage from when the bucket was taken and Mike says he will take the image to the police.

“I wanted to take it to the police because I didn’t want this person to get away with it,” he says.

Mike has raised $34,500 so far but needs $100,000 for a pair of new lungs. Without a full transplant, Mike has been told he will die within a year.