The Gigatown Nelson campaign team review the #gigabusiness videos showcasing Nelson’s digital innovation. They are from left; Greg Dykzeul, Patrick Kuiper, Matthew Dodd, Susan Schuler, John Gibson, Sue Jepson, Glenda Buschl and Karen Lee.

Gigatown will be great for business


Forty local businesses have stepped in front of the camera to say why they think winning the “Gigatown” competition will be great for business and great for Nelson.

The businesses were filmed by ten production companies to make a YouTube video as part of a mini competition to win points in the Gigatown competition. Nelson is in second place in the national competition run by Chorus NZ to find New Zealand’s most active town online.  The prize up for grabs is for the winning gigatown to have access to cheap one gigabit internet, and a $200,000 development fund to create new business opportunities.  The first stage of the competition ends in September, with the top five towns advancing to the final, which ends in November.

The businesses filmed range from breweries to forestry companies and include Nelson’s largest businesses, Talley’s, Port Nelson, Sealord, NZ King Salmon, Nelson Airport and Wakatu Corp.

Sue Jepson, Gigatown Nelson’s project manager for the business videos, says if the criteria for winning this competition are collaboration and creativity, then Nelson would be the world champions. “The level of cooperation and collaboration amongst our commercial film producers, and enthusiasm among our local businesses, has been nothing short of breath-taking.”

All the businesses filmed were clear in their message that Nelson can become the digital hub of New Zealand, with ultra-fast broadband attracting overseas businesses to Nelson.

“[It’s] a real opportunity to keep young people here,” says Sealord’s Doug Paulin.

While Ian Craig of Core Transport Technologies said: “If Nelson won Gigatown it would create an environment with a perfect lifestyle, a great educational platform, and that would attract people from outside at the top of their game in IT to come to Nelson.”

If you would like to support Nelson, go to, register and select Nelson as your home town to get 27 points for Nelson.  You can also get points by using the #gigatownnsn tag on the Gigatown Nelson facebook page, or by using it on twitter or other social media platforms (go to for more information).

Businesses who would like to support the campaign should email [email protected].

To see the business video, search #Gigatownnsn on YouTube.