Georgia Nott performing some of Broods' hit songs. Insert: Caleb Nott on the keyboards at the Theatre Royal on Saturday night. Photos: Phillip Rollo.

Broods: It’s great to be home


Caleb Nott used to joke about being a professional musician, but it’s quickly turned into a reality for him and younger sister Georgia.

Under the name Broods, their songs have clocked millions of plays online, they’ve signed international record deals with Capitol and Polydor, toured with Ellie Goulding, and some of the biggest names in the media industry have been singing their praise — so yep, they’re professional musicians alright, and they’re loving every minute.

On Saturday night Broods played their first official show in Nelson since shooting to stardom — a sold-out concert at the Theatre Royal put on by the Nelson Youth and Community Trust in association with Smokefreerockquest.

They believe in their own talent but both Caleb and Georgia were surprised by their meteoric rise, which basically snowballed since Bridges was uploaded to their SoundCloud page.

Caleb counts seven times they’ve been overseas in the past six months and says it gets “more insane” every day, when asked what his highlight has been.

“Every time we go away something bigger or better happens. Every day you wake up and something is cooler or you have to pinch yourself again. We’ve been overseas seven times and we’re about to go three more times before the year is up.”

And while the Theatre Royal in Nelson might not be the most glamorous venue they’ve performed in this year, the two former Garin College students were super-excited to be back home, performing in front of many of the people who have helped them over the years.

“We wouldn’t have gone through the year without playing in Nelson that’s for sure. We’ve had support from Nelson even since before we started playing music — way before Broods,” says Georgia. “So it’s cool to come back and be part of it again. We haven’t been back since Christmas so it’s good to be in your own home again.”

It was a special night for Caleb and Georgia, with their friends and family in attendance. Prior to the show Georgia said she was “so nervous” because she’d know half of the audience. ELAE — which features their younger sister Olivia Nott and her friend Anna Robinson — opened on Saturday night, with Georgia joining them on stage for a couple of songs.

Broods’ set lasted just under an hour, featuring some of their hits like Bridges and Never Gonna Change. New songs, including Mother & Father, which is written for their parents and will be the first single off their debut album Evergreen, also made appearances in a thunderous, alt-pop showcase.

Tickets to Saturday’s concert sold out within a matter of days, but the good news for Broods fans is that they plan to return for more homecoming shows down the line, no matter where their careers go from here. “I think no matter what Nelson is always going to be our home because our parents are here. We’re always going to want to show we’re appreciative of Nelson. This is where it all started and we basically became musicians here so why wouldn’t you want to show that appreciation?”