Elaine and Jennifer Baumfield will be collecting for Poppy Day this Thursday outside Countdown on Vanguard St. Elaine has been collecting for more than 50 years and Jennifer for more than 30. Photo: Andrew Board.

Poppy Day a pleasure for volunteers


Elaine Baumfield has been collecting on Poppy Day for the past 50 years and isn’t about to give up now.

The 84 year old and her daughter Jennifer will be collecting outside Countdown on Vanguard St this Thursday and they are encouraging people to bring some change to work with them.

“Over the years that’s one thing that’s changed, not many people have cash on them anymore. But some do say ‘I’ll get some out when I pay for my groceries’ and they do. They’re quite good like that,” says Elaine.

Poppy Day is held a week before Anzac Day and money raised goes to help with medical bills for returned servicemen and women.

Elaine says she started collecting because her father fought in World War I and her husband in World War 2. “We were always taught to respect the soldiers so I was always happy to do my bit.”