Nelson's Nicola Pugh has won a trip to the

Is Nicola Nelson’s luckiest person?


Nicola Pugh could be Nelson’s luckiest person.

She has been regularly winning major competitions and prizes since she was 16 and in the last six months she’s won two separate trips to the United States, the latest to the Ellen show in Los Angeles next month.

Her secret? Putting in an effort when most people “can’t be bothered”.

“I enter the competitions that require a little bit of effort and work because I don’t think many others enter them. But I only enter the ones that I really want to win,” she says.

Nicola says her first major win was when she was 16 and she got to appear in the music video of her “favourite band at the time”, although she refused to say who it was “because it’s too embarrassing”.

She’s also won plenty of concert tickets, even backstage, and travelled with Opshop when they played ten gigs in ten different towns and cities in the one day to celebrate ten years of New Zealand music month.

Last year she won a trip to Las Vegas for the I Heart Radio concert, featuring the top 40 musicians of last year and others like Elton John and Queen.

To win the latest trip to LA and the Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, she made a video of herself jumping off the Auckland Sky Tower to show her love of the Ellen show.

That beat the efforts of one North Island man who had the Ellen logo tattooed on his body.

Nicola says her work has been great letting her take time off at short notice and admits she has been lucky.

“I’ve got to do some pretty amazing experiences that not many other people would have done, so I’ve been very lucky and I’m very grateful.”