Eventful Kids supervisers Anika Kemp, left, and Jordan Livingston, having fun with Esther Dunne and Emilia Banks in the Richmond Mall on Monday. Photo: Simon Bloomberg

Baby sitters help with shopping


Shopping in the Richmond Mall has been a win-win situation for parents and their young children this week, with the parents dropping their kids off at the Eventful Kids activity centre while they go shopping.

Children aged three to 12 have been enjoying a number of creative activities at the centre including colouring-in, Lego, puzzles and dress-up, while their parents and caregivers get a chance to participate in some kids-free shopping. The service is free courtesy of the Richmond Mall, and playcentre’s supervisor Alana Caunter says they have been busy since opening up on Monday.

“We had one mother who said she couldn’t get her kids to leave,” Alana says. “There’s so much for them to do and they have so much fun.”

Mall manager Belinda de Clercq says they contracted Eventful Kids to run their mobile activity centre because they wanted to try something different these school holidays. “This is the first time we have tried this and we have got a lot of positive feedback,” Belinda says. “We usually put on some holiday activities for the children and we thought this one would be so good for the parents as well.”

Eventful Kids is open from 11am to 3pm each day this week. It can take up to 20 children at once and looks after children for up to one hour.

The bad news for parents is that the service is only for the last week of the holidays.