The human skull that washed up near Nelson Airport.

Washed up skull found


A human skull was found on the edge of the Waimea Estuary on Sunday night, by two “curious” fishermen.

But the skull isn’t expected to be from anything suspicious.

Mackenzie Rose and her partner went to the estuary, behind Nelson Airport, to fish when they spotted the skull. “We were just walking along the estuary when we saw it. We didn’t know if it was real or not but I picked it up and we could tell right away that it was real.”

The pair then called police, who took the skull, along with some other bone fragments, away for investigation.

Mackenzie says the skull was “really heavy”. “It was just bone but we wondered where it came from and how it got there.”

Nelson police say they believe the skull and bones may have been dislodged by the recent high tides and wind. They did not anticipate anything sinister, says communication manager Barbara Dunn.

“Police are working with DOC archaeologists to identify the bones.”