Opera in the Park musical director Pete Rainey is hoping for feedback from this year’s event which is this Saturday night at Trafalgar Park. Photo: Phillip Rollo.

Where to for Opera in the Park?


Saturday night’s Opera in the Park will be the 15th time it’s held and musical director Pete Rainey is hoping for some feedback from event-goers as to how it should look in the future.

The popular event attracted close to 7000 people to Trafalgar Park in 2013, and with this year’s show headlined by Pene Pati, one of the stars of opera trio Sol 3 Mio, it is expected to draw similar numbers again.

While the venue has changed over the 15 years, with shows in Tahunanui and at Saxton Field, the artist budget has generally remained the same, keeping tickets at a reasonably cheap price – this year it will be $15 for an adult and $5 for a child, although booking fees do apply.

So Pete is hoping that at the end of this year’s show people will let him know, via his email, [email protected], if it’s time to perhaps spice up the line-up with even more renowned acts. However, that would result in more expensive ticket prices. “It’s always been an eclectic mix of classical music and contempory music, but which way should we go? If we up the budget and put the ticket price up a bit to get a significant range of acts, would people actually respond?” Pete says.

To purchase tickets, and for more information, visit www.nelsonfestivals.co.nz