Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre is now closed


Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre is now closed to the public and will remain so for the foreseeable future, due to its susceptibility to an earthquake.

Nelson City Council made the decision today and it is effective immediately.

Mayor Rachel Reese says the advice it received identifies that if the Trafalgar Centre is in use during a moderate earthquake. “The risk of loss of life is high. The only appropriate response to managing this risk is to close the centre to public use immediately.”

In short, the council will close the centre now, work with groups that have booked it to find alternative venues and allocate resources to allow Saxton Stadium to operate as a spectator venue for organisations that need a facility in the interim.

“It’s important that we give certainty to anyone who has booked or was considering booking the Trafalgar Centre in the short term,” says Rachel.

“The next step will be more challenging, and I cannot understate this to the Nelson community. We have to look at what to do with the Trafalgar Centre in terms of strengthening, to what level, and at what cost, and what the best option is for a facility on a site that is prone to liquefaction. These aren’t easy decisions, and the council is taking a prudent, thoughtful approach as we continue to receive more information.”

Council officers are making every attempt to find other suitable venues for those who already have bookings in the coming months, including Saxton Stadium, says Rachel.

“We have good support from Sport Tasman and I have already had offers of assistance from the Mayor of Marlborough to keep events in the top of the South. The community is coming together on this challenge and that is the approach we need.”

Steve Fitchett, Director of Nelson Giants, says he’s pleased that they have some certainty now and that the council has considered the community’s needs and the Giants’ needs. “It’s great that we are working together with the council to sort out an interim home at Saxton Stadium, and for our part, we will do all we can to make that happen for Nelson and the Giants.”

A popular upcoming event has happily been relocated straight away. Ticket holders for the Mayors’ Christmas Dinner are advised that it will now be held at the Nelson College Hall. Council appreciates the support of Nelson College in accommodating this event.