Kensington Court residents Daphne Stephens, Beverley Thompson, Kay Price and Joan Price hope the council will put a pedestrian refuge on Main Rd Stoke so they can cross the road to catch the bus. Photo: Andrew Board.

Stoke residents cross over crossing


Crossing Main Rd Stoke to catch the bus or buy bread and milk has become so dangerous that four Kensington Court residents have asked the council to build a pedestrian refuge for them.
Ninety six year old Beverley Thompson says crossing the road from the retirement village to the Z service station is like running with the bulls and a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road will give her and other elderly time to cross the road safely.
Beverley, alongside Daphne Stephens, Joan Price and Kay Price, presented the submission to Nelson City Council’s annual plan last Thursday and say they hope a refuge can be built sooner rather than later.
“This is a very dangerous road to cross because of the traffic coming out of Robinson’s Complex and people wanting to go to the garage. We can get to Richmond on the bus by walking outside but if we come back on the bus, it’s dynamite to cross the road,” says Beverley.
There is a refuge further up the road but Beverley says it’s too far for many of the residents.
“Our residents are not capable of walking up to use the crossing that is just beyond Polstead Rd. If they do that they still have to cross busy Polstead Rd.”
The submission was one of dozens that councillors heard last week as part of the annual plan process.
Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio says it was nice to have the ladies come in and speak to the council. “I think it’s a great idea. Staff will give us more information in the next few weeks and as long as there aren’t any unforeseen challenges it seems to be something that is quite reasonable and needed so it’s something I hope we can facilitate and make happen.”
Some other projects spoken about last week were a new indoor cricket centre, Nelson Lawns tennis clubrooms and a new building for the surf lifesaving club on the Tahuna Playing Fields.

We get kids in there, we get people from all walks of life and it was great to have the ladies in there.
In the six years that I”ve done annual plans, this is definityley the quietest one, we’ve had 300 written submissions and about 100 of them were about the TPPA, so one single issue. We only had a full day of hearings and exciting ones that stick out were the indoor cricket facility which they are funding themselves, the Nelson Lawns Tennis clubhouse which they are funding themselves and the Surf Life Saving Club want a new facility near the beach, on the Tahuna playing fields so that could be interesting.