Garin College students Sjann Hungerford, Clare Sanders and Veronica Mitchell, 17, surrounded by the 5 Gum wrappers they are collecting for the schools arts festival. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Chewing their way to arty frock


Three local girls have chewed their way through 2500 pieces of gum, all in the name of art.
For Garin College students Clare Sanders, Veronica Mitchell and Sjann Hungerford, all 17, it’s crunch time. After four years of collecting 5 Gum wrappers the deadline is looming to get their hands on more gum wrappers to fulfil their year nine dream of entering into the school arts festival. Since they were 13 years old the girls have been chewing 5 Gum in the hope of completing a dress made out of the wrappers and are calling out to anyone and everyone to donate to their worthy cause, including 5 Gum themselves.
It all started when the girls noticed Clare was chewing a lot of 5 Gum. They came up with the idea to collect as many as they could and enter into Garin College’s Mahi Toi arts festival in their final year of school. “We have been planning this for so long, since year nine. Clare used to eat a lot of gum and one day she just started collecting them,” says Sjann. “We are at 200 boxes and 2500 wrappers and we need more.”
Clare says she has written to 5 Gum with no response as yet, but she is hoping that they will get back to her and donate the wrappers or gum needed to get the students to their goal. Clare says the girls will use a combination of sewing and hot glue to put the dress together and expect the project “will take weeks” once they have enough wrappers.
Anyone who can offer 5 Gum wrappers can contact them at Garin on 543 9488.