Trolley Derby a winner again


You won’t find a better example of classic kiwi ingenuity than at the trolley derby and spectators who packed out Nelson’s Collingwood St weren’t disappointed, with everything from golf carts to bikes and even prams whizzing past them at high speeds.

The annual Robertson’s Trolley Derby attracted more than 2500 people who wanted to be a part of what has quickly become a world famous in New Zealand event.

President of the Nelson Trolley Club, Tim Bayley says the event ran very smoothly and he was pleased with it’s success. “It was fabulous and I want to say thanks to everyone for such a great day, in particular the residents of Collingwood St, they are amazing for letting us use their street.”

With 80 entries into the zoomers, sprinters, nippers and rockets categories, the event was almost at full capacity, with keen racers turning out to take a chance at a top spot after a year of preparation says Tim. “Some people spend a year working on their trolleys getting ready for the derby. In the weeks leading up to race day recycle centres are bare, picked over for bike tyres, wheels or anything that is round and moves.”

It’s not just about hurtling down a hill at high speed either. Local father Craig Nicholas says half the fun was working on a project with his son, Jason, 12, who competed in the sprinter’s class with his ‘road runner’ inspired trolley.

The duo spent half a year building the trolley out of plywood in their garage to get it up to scratch to race in this year’s derby and Craig says discovering his son was full of ideas was a great lesson to learn.“It’s great to spend time with your boy out in the garage and it’s surprising to hear what they have to say.”

Jason Kroupa says after watching the Kiwi Flyer movie three weeks ago he brought his family down to watch the antics unfold. “It’s been fantastic to watch, we’ve had a great time.”