Photo: Doug Barry-Martin

Orca pod visits Nelson


Three orca whales gave a Nelson paddle boarder a Sunday morning like no other when they swam around and under his board off The Glen.
Graeme Bird, pictured above, says he went for a paddle board up Mackay Bluff and was just coming back into The Glen when he saw a commotion on shore. “I’d noticed everyone was running down to the beach with cameras so I looked around and saw what I thought were dolphins coming towards me so I thought I’d just watch them go by, but they were actually orca.”
The pod had made its way from Mapua, along the Boulder Bank and past The Glen. Graeme says he saw two adults and a calf.
“I was just kind of taking it all in. I’ve seen a lot of things paddle boarding up Mackay’s, seals, octupuses and things, but this would be the highlight,” he says.