Marc Evans has been officially announced as the new Richmond Athletic coach for the upcoming division one season.

Newcomer gets the nod


Richmond Athletic has announced a new coach for the upcoming season with South African born Marc Evans replacing the departing Matt Campbell, who is heading to the UK for the next 12 months.

Marc is reasonably new to the region having moved here just over two years ago. While his knowledge of the local football scene is minimal, he hopes to get up to speed over the next few weeks and will be arranging some pre-season fixtures to help introduce himself to the opposition.

Marc’s CV includes an amateur playing career spanning 40 years, playing one level below a full-time professional competition. He coached junior grades in South Africa prior to moving to Cambridge in the North Island, then to Nelson. He has also participated in many other activities from water sports to rugby, golf, snooker and squash.

Speaking at training on Thursday night, Marc says he applied for the role to give something back to the game he loves. “I’ve been in it a long time and it is my first choice game,” the self-confessed ‘Liverpool man’ says. “I’m hoping to bring a fresh approach.”

Matt will remain in order to ensure a smooth transition, assisting Marc before he leaves. Matt’s brother Michael, who was captain last year, is also back and Marc believes his experience will be vital to the young side. “He looks like an important player to the outfit from what I’ve seen and I will get information and the best out of him. Obviously if I knew more about the other teams it would be better, this is where Matt and Mike come in.”

There have been 18 players attending the first three training sessions, although with other sports winding down, Marc expects that number to increase. “By next week we should have a proper indication of what we’ve got. So far it’s early days but I will be able to tell you more shortly.”

Marc says his coaching philosophy is working on what players can’t do. He is likely to line the side up in a traditional 4-4-2 formation and utilise the field’s width to full affect.

Marc has a simple goal for the coming season; “do better than last year”. “I like to win every game but under the banner of sportsmanship, a nice clean contest and at the end of the game you shake hands, have a drink.”

Richmond Athletic president Stu Reid says while Marc is new to the game in the Nelson region, he will fit in well and be a great asset to the club. He also wanted to wish Matt with the best of luck for his time in the UK.