Rosemary Bygate celebrates Neighbours Day Aotearoa with fellow residents of Champion Terrace during their annual street party on Sunday. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Neighbours day celebrated


The residents of Champion Terrace, who threw their fourteenth annual street party over the weekend, are proof that to love thy neighbour, you must get to know them first.
The event, held on Sunday as part of Neighbours Day Aotearoa, was just one of many held all over Nelson to encourage people to get to know each other and turn streets into neighbourhoods.
Rosemary Bygate, Champion Terrace resident and street party organiser, says her street was still a wonderful small community despite people having come and gone since the first party back in 1999.
“We’ve got a few new neighbours now and it is something nice we can do every year to get to know each other. It makes for a safer street. If some are away we let the others know to keep an eye out.”

Allan Carson, who has has lived in the same house on Champion Terrace for 45 years agrees and says he’s all for the event.“It certainly increases friendship and watchfulness, I think it’s a good thing to get to know each other.”

Neighbourhood Support Nelson coordinator Kim MacDonald says Neighbours Day Aotearoa was all about promoting safe and friendly neighbourhoods across Nelson and she was pleased to see so many people get involved.“I was very proud of our city for getting out there and meeting their neighbours.”
She says Neighbourhood Support promoted the event because their vision was for all neighbourhoods in Nelson to be safe places to be.
“All Nelson neighbourhoods should feel friendly and welcoming.”
Neighbours that organised a group event on the day won prizes to help them celebrate, including Bidvest cake packs, Pestell’s BBQ packs; and Transpacific Skips.
Funders for the Day were Neighbourhood Support Nelson, New Zealand Community Trust and the Nelson City Council.