Top three finish for Burson


The 3NZ sticker will remain in Nelson for another year with Ian Burson finishing third place at the New Zealand Super Saloon Championship, although last year’s podium placer Mark Carey crashed and finished well outside the top ten.

Ian, who went into the final race on Saturday night at Woodford Glen Speedway with a top two finish out of his reach, finished behind Christchurch duo Mark Osborne and Richie Taylor to complete a South Island trifector.

While the current South Island champion admits he was chasing 1NZ, he was pleased to finally reach the top three, especially after last year’s performance at home when his race was ended by a puncture. “1NZ would have been great but any of those three numbers is a big achievement and to be third, well I’m just astounded really,” he says. “To be third place behind those other two [is an impressive feat]. The plan was to get 1NZ in the South Island one way or another but to get 2NZ and 3NZ as well was extra special.”

Ian had a near perfect start to the event, finishing top of his heat courtesy of two first placings and a fourth. But he admits there were some problems with the car set-up on the second night. “We just missed the boat really with the set-up and we were chasing hard all night just to get third. Everyone had big expectations because we had run so well in Christchurch. We wanted the 1NZ but it just wasn’t our weekend. The other guys beat us hands down fair and square.”

Going into the final race, Ian knew he could only finish third at best. But when he crossed the finish line he knew he had done enough to seal the podium spot. “I was pretty positive that I had done enough but we were in full flight so there was no time to think until I seen that chequered flag.”