Mother Sharee Dowdall with a skateboard given to her by Nelson College teacher Martin Love after Sharee sent a text message to Nelson Weekly’s Your Voice column. Photo: Andrew Board.

Mum gets a new skateboard


For three weeks Sharee Dowdall was hoping to hear word of her stolen skateboard.

She has had all the young skaters keeping an eye out for her and as a last ditch effort she sent a text message to the Nelson Weekly’s Your Voice column, hoping someone, somewhere would know something about it.

The response wasn’t quite what she expected.

Instead of the return of her own $250 board, a technology teacher at Nelson College offered to lend a hand and donate a board to Sharee. She says she was overwhelmed with the offer.

“I love skateboarding and I’ve been doing it since I was five. I love the freedom of it and it gives me a chance to be by myself for a few minutes,” says the mother of three who volunteers her time at holiday programmes for children who skateboard.

“I’d just bought [the board] and I’d been saving up for it and my mum chipped in some money for it as a birthday present so I was pretty gutted when it went missing.”

Martin says he saw the text message printed in the Nelson Weekly and wanted to help.

“We started making skateboards this year with the kids and we have a few extras here so I thought we’d see if we could help.”

Sharee says the board was stolen from the backseat of her car and it’s the third board she’s had stolen over the past 20 years.

“This one was really annoying because it was my baby. I’d worked it in and it was really nice to ride but I’m still hopeful it will turn up.”

She says she decided to text her plight to the Weekly, hoping it would put more pressure on whoever took it to hand it in or help her find it, but was delighted with the outcome.

“It’s really nice of someone to just come forward and offer to help. When something bad happens you don’t expect anything good like this to come straight away.”