Monique Nicoll of Nelson has the last of her blonde hair shaved off by friend Michelle Williamson at the Nelson Suburban Club on Friday night. Photos: Sinead Ogilvie.

Head shave raises $3000 for friends


A combination of a promise to get a haircut before Christmas and watching two friends struggle with cancer saw Nelson woman Monique Nicoll lose the lot on Friday night.

Monique had her head shaved bald on Friday night in a bid to fundraise for her two friends, and although she walked away with nothing on top, the community has generously donated over $3000 to Monique and her cause.

Recently Michelle Williams, a close friend to Monique was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Watching her friend undergoing vigorous treatment for the disease that has spread to her lymph nodes, and seeing her young family struggle with the ongoing costs of battling her cancer, Monique decided to fundraise. Having already raised money through other fundraising efforts, Monique looked at her “must be done by Christmas list” and saw “get a haircut” and “raise money for Michelle” was on it.

“I put two and two together and realised what I should do. Shave it off for cancer and fundraise for Michelle.”

With another close friend suffering from breast cancer and having recently lost her hair to the treatment, Monique wanted to up the ante and raise as much money as she could for both of them. Local businesses Pattison Swim School and Brown and Syme donated generously and the final coins in the bucket on Friday night at the Suburban Club where the haircut took place saw Monique raise $3000. She was originally hoping for $500.

Michelle was there to witness Monique’s head shave and she even got to shave half of her head. She says she couldn’t be more proud by what her friend has done.

“I just can’t believe it. I’m blown away by what she’s doing. I’m so proud of her.”

A few hundred people were present in the bar as Monique said goodbye to her hair, and she says she doesn’t mind being bald. “A lot of people have said that I have a good shaped head.”

The money raised go towards travel costs for Michelle’s treatment, and helping to give their young kids a great Christmas.