Nelson volunteers off to build more homes


Just weeks after one group of Nelsonians return from building houses in Sri Lanka, another group is preparing for its own adventure with Habitat for Humanity – this time to Cambodia.

In March next year 50 New Zealand volunteers, led by local builder Rob Silcock, will head to the city of Battambang where they will join with locals to build houses for families who live in substandard housing. Among the group will be 20 people from Nelson, who will be led by Hayden Campbell who has already done one Habitat build to Nepal and he says he’d love to hear from anyone keen to be involved. “The Habitat build in Nepal was one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences of my life. Ever since then Rob and I have talked about doing another build together so when the opportunity to build in Cambodia came up we knew we had to do it as well as to take as many Nelsonians on the journey with us as we can.”

The build is part of Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village campaign.

The cost for the travel, accommodation and build section of the trip will be $4800, however as Rob points out this is because the fee also covers a charitable donation to Cambodia. The trip is not all work and no play, as the build lasts for five days and all volunteers have the option to stay on for a further seven days and be part of Rob’s unique Cambodia Travel Adventure.

For further information, please contact Hayden on [email protected], 021 435 530, or Rob on [email protected] or 021 221 8978.