Hospice thanks Pearly Queen


After a decade of working for the community, it is now rallying behind Shirley Miles to help her reach her goal of $100,000 in donations for the Nelson Regional Hospice Trust.

Shirley featured on the front page of Nelson Weekly three weeks ago and since then shoppers at the Nelson market have donated another $1000 to her cause.

On Saturday the Nelson Regional Hospice Trust held a small celebration for Shirley to mark her achievements and encourage the public to help her get over the line.

The hospice presented the iconic market regular with a handmade glass artwork by Hoglund Glass and Nita Knight, founder of the Nelson Market says Shirley has shown “an extraordinary feat of commitment” to the hospice.

Nita added a donation on behalf of the market and stallholders for the “monumental and unselfish contribution” she says Shirley has made to the hospice.

“The hospice is an amazing place for those who are suffering, and we thank Shirley for her contributions, she is an inspiration to us all,” says Nita.

Shirley says that while $100,000 seems a lot, “it is only a drop in the ocean of need”. And she says she thanks kind members of the public who have donated to the cause. The hospice and Shirley hope the community will rally around the Pearly Queen to help her reach her fundraising target.