Tasman Makos Vernon Fredericks, left, and Bryce Heem with Italy. All joined the Car Company staff to raise money for Nelson Women’s Refuge on the streets of Nelson last week.

Car Company and co rattle buckets for refuge


Staff from the Car Company were joined by two Makos and volunteers from Nelson Women’s and Children’s Refuge last week in raising more than $1000 for the non-profit organisation.

During the month of October the Car Company is doing everything it can to raise money and profile for the women’s refuge and the work it does in the Nelson community. That pledge went to the streets last week as staff rounded up a couple of Tasman Makos and took to the streets with buckets. Organiser Tracey Black says she was “astounded” with the response.

“The people of Nelson just blew me away. I couldn’t believe how giving they were. Some started to walk past and as soon as the heard the women’s refuge bit, the number that actually stopped and came back and donated was really good. One lady said to me that she’d gladly donate because she wished the women’s refuge had been around for her mum.”

The Car Company has also organised a quiz night, other street collections this Wednesday in Trafalgar St and Thursday in Richmond. They are also giving $50 from each car they sell in the month to the women’s refuge, an expected $5000 in total.

It has also roped in other companies to join in with the Money Company and Protecta insurance each chipping in $20 each for each car insurance sold through the Car Company during the month.

Tracey says the Car Company is known for its support of sport but wanted to show it does much more in the community than just sport sponsorship.

“We are passionate about sport but for a long time Shane [Drummond, Car Compnay owner] has also supported all of these other groups and doesn’t really tell anyone about it. So we wanted to work with one organisation and really make a difference for them. The women’s refuge operates on a shoestring budget and being ex-police I’ve seen first-hand what they do and I really think, sadly, it’s an organisation that works with so many in our community and in every suburb pretty much.”

She says Vernon Fredericks and Bryce Heem from the Tasman Makos were fantastic and even went into shops to seek donations. “We were blown away by how great they were, we even had shop managers tell us how great they were.”

Trudie Brand from the Nelson Women’s and Children’s Refuge Service says the support from the Car Company is fantastic. “I was pretty gobsmacked actually when I heard the total raised. It is awesome that people were so generous and that the Car Company has got behind us.”