Stoke bride Julia Lines has a laugh with other guests and her husband Brent (centre back) at her medieval-themed wedding on Saturday. Photo: Sinead Ogilvie.

Wedding with a twist


Julia and Brent Lines had a few more turned heads than your usual bride and groom on Saturday, but they were fully expecting it.

The Stoke couple had a “medieval themed wedding” with guests getting right into the spirit and dressing as knights, wizards and clergymen.

They were expected to get married at Fairfield Park but rain put an end to that and they were wed at the Ocean Lodge, where the reception was held.

Julia says her husband came up with the idea of a medieval-themed wedding and she thought ‘why not?’ “It’s so wacky and so different but a bit of fun so I thought it would be great and we had a really good day.”

She says they attracted plenty of car toots while having photos taken in the daffodils on Haven Rd.

“It was great, there was no point getting embarrassed we just enjoyed it,” says Julia.