Devon St residents Tyler Burke, 8, with his sister Stevie, 6, grab some pizza as part of the street party held with their neighbours last week. Photo: Andrew Board.

Street party starts a new tradition


When John Young was a kid he knew everyone on his block and reckoned it was a pretty good way to live. So when he saw an opportunity to get all his neighbours together for a big street party he jumped at it.

“I’ve live here for five or six years and don’t really know my neighbours that well so I thought ‘bugger it’ let’s get everyone together,” he says.

John entered a Facebook competition run by Domino’s Pizza, to win 30 pizzas as part of its Cheaper Tuesday Street Party promotion. He won and then sent out invitations to all of his neighbours at the end of Devon St in Stoke for the street party last Tuesday night.

“We’ve got people of all ages here, senior citizens to young kids and we’ve never really mixed as a community and it’s worked, everyone is here and having a good time together,” he says.

Some neighbours brought along cookies and drinks, while others brought along chairs and rugs. John had the music going and the local Neighbourhood Support coordinator was out in force.

John says he hopes it’s just the beginning. “I think it would be great to have a Christmas party here, under the old oak tree at the end of the road,” he suggested, which immediately had one of the neighbours asking what the likely date would be so they can make sure they save the date on their calendar.

John wasn’t sure, but may have to get planning fairly soon after last week’s success.