Kiwi Flyer premier at the Theatre Royal in Nelson

Nelson hosts world premiere


Nelson dressed up to the nines on Tuesday night to celebrate the world premiere of the Nelson-made movie Kiwi Flyer.

Stars of the movie as well as their family members and other invited guests filled into the Theatre Royal via a red carpet to the sounds of the Nelson Pipe Band and plenty of flashing cameras.

The premiere featured on Nightline on TV3 Tuesday night.

The film is about a boy’s journey to compete in the Collingwood St Trolley Derby. He must overcome a dodgy loan shark, a nasty rival and a mum who doesn’t share his vision of trolley derby glory.

The red carpet event starts at 6.30pm tonight with everyone welcome to attend before the invite-only premiere at 7.30pm.


Tony Simpson, a former Nelson man who wrote the script and directed the film, says has been overwhelmed with the support Nelson has shown the movie.


“Everyone just totally understood what I was trying to do, embraced it and made it so easy to do things. Even in the film Nelson is almost of the characters in the movie, right from the very start. Everywhere we turned the camera it just looked fantastic,” he says.

Tony says he is currently signing a deal with a North American company to distribute the film in North America and the rest of the world and he is excited about tonight’s premiere.

“I’m nervous and excited, this is the home crowd and I know that they will probably be fairly biased but I’m just so thrilled to be able to share it with them because it’s really not just my movie but their movie as well.”

The movie will be available for those not lucky enough to be at the premiere at Nelson’s State Cinema 6 from September 27.

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