Fun at the fair

A wave of galas for spring


With spring in the air and the sun turned on, Nelson celebrated with a weekend filled with fun.

Four different fairs or galas were held over the weekend. The Hope School Gala, the Cherry Blossom Festival at Miyazu Gardens, the Spring Fling at Founders and the Nelson Christian Academy’s first ever school gala on Saturday.

The school says it received whole hearted support from students and parents, as well as members of the community.

With face painting and live music filling the school grounds the gala made an amazing debut, says princpal Chris George.There was laughter and cheering at the sponging event as well, with children lining up to hurl a water filled sponge at the faces of good spirited teacher Elise Taylor and Chris.

Each class made a special contribution to the event, with proceeds going towards sport and facilities equipment. Sunday was a fun filled day with the Founders Spring Fling attracting close to a thousand people. The heritage park was in fine form with all the attractions open for business and the event served a reminder to the public that Founders Park is now open for summer. Right next door at Miyazu Gardens the community celebrated the Cherry Blossom Festival