Dean Nick Kirk where the painting was stolen. Photo: Andrew Board.

Theft breaks trust


A painting depicting a ruined Christchurch Cathedral after last year’s deadly earthquake has been stolen from our own iconic cathedral.

The painting was donated to the Nelson Cathedral for visitors to admire and was displayed deep within the cathedral when it was stolen one Sunday afternoon. The robbery has forced the cathedral to install security cameras to avoid any more thefts.

Dean Nick Kirk says the robbery was a concern because they like to leave the cathedral open for people to come in and enjoy.

“We realise that the world is changing so we’ve installed a camera but the place is open and everything is here on trust and really most people respect the place and treat it as a place of prayer, so for someone to abuse that is concerning.”

The original painting measures 50cm x 40cm and was gifted to the cathedral. It is valued at about $450.

Anyone with information about the painting’s whereabouts should contact police on 546 3840.

Nick says he would be quite happy if he turned up one day and the painting had been returned. “It was donated to us by parishioners here for people to pray and uphold the Christ Church so you sort of wonder why someone would want to take that.”