Radio show probes council


Nelson City Council is launching a new radio show to help give ratepayers a better understanding of what it does.

My City, My Council was the brainchild of NCC community relations manager Angela Ricker and will see council staff in various departments talking about what they do in and out of council. The show on Fresh FM will also be posted as a podcast on the council’s website and backed up with newspaper adverts.

Angela says she is excited about the show and the relaxed way it will be hosted.

“We have some really dedicated people who really care what this city looks like, smells like and sounds like. I think the community will appreciate hearing them through the storytelling process.”

The “couch stories-type” shows will be around 15 minutes long and air each Tuesday at 5.10pm and replayed the following Thursday at 10.40am. Each episode will be available to download for free at the council’s website.

Show host Ro Cambridge says she is looking forward to talking with council staff.

“How do you show people that council doesn’t just take rates off us for no good reason and that those people that work at the council are just other Nelsonians who also pay rates?”

Angela says she is looking forward to hearing feedback about the campaign. “There are so many important things we do every day for the city, but there is also an incredible amount of value that we add in lots of different ways that people don’t know about. Ro’s use of storytelling will help people better understand what we do in a way telling them over and over won’t.” The podcasts will be available at