Ngaire Piggott moves to the beat of the Zumba Flash Mob at Nelson’s Saturday Markets on the weekend. Photo: Rosie Thomsen.

Flash mob stops shoppers


The leisurely Saturday Market came alive with an unexpected Zumba dance party on the weekend.

Onlookers crowded to watch as local instructor Lynne Painter skipped out into the midst of shoppers and broke into routine, dancing to the song Good Feeling by Flo Rider. Lynne was soon followed by several dozen students from her Zumba classes. The Zumba instructor has done lots of shows, but Lynne said she wanted to try something a little different.

“Some of my class wouldn’t want to do shows, but they’ll do a flash mob,” says Lynne.

This was the first flash mob Lynne has coordinated, and she says she is overjoyed with how it went and with the response of the onlookers.

“It was great. As soon as music started, there was so much energy, everyone was getting involved. Children, over 70s, they were all rocking.”

Lynne says she has already been approached by her students and spectators alike, asking if she has plans for another. “I think we will. Richmond is another area I want to do,” says Lynne.

A video of the flash mob is available on Youtube.